Do not be alarmed if something comes loose. This happens occasionally. Always save loose brackets and bring them in for your repair. If a wire protrudes and is irritating, use a blunt instrument (like the eraser end of a pencil) and gently push the irritating wire out of the way. Sometimes you can cut a loose wire with heavy duty nail clippers. Alternatively, wax may be placed over any sharp or poking wires. If any piece comes off entirely, please save it and bring it with you to the office so that we know what it was that happened. There are very limited situations that entail a true orthodontic emergency.

If something comes loose, it is not an emergency; however, please call our office and we will assess the situation and advise accordingly. Many repairs can be taken care of by adding time to the next scheduled appointment if it is not too far in the future.

If truly an orthodontic emergency, please call our office number 231.775.6597. From there you will be directed to instructions on leaving a message regarding the emergency. Please leave your name, number and describe the situation on the voicemail. The voicemail will then be texted and emailed to an office member who will promptly respond.